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  • Equality Insights 4 Page Resource

    This 4 page resource provides an overview of Equality Insights, our gender-sensitive tools that we have developed to measure multidimensional poverty, including the key features and the dimensions that are measured, and our recent work including our Equality Insights Rapid Surveys in Tonga and Solomon Islands and our Equality Insights Data Portal. 

    Feb 20, 2024 Infographic
  • Equality Insights Rapid: Ngaahi Ola Tefitó – Tonga 2022

    Na’e fakahoko e savea ni ‘o felave’I tonu mo e ngaahi makatu’unga kehekehe ‘e 15 ‘o e mo’uí. Na’e fai mo e savea ki he masivesiva faka-e-pa’anga ‘o tefito ia he ngaahi koloa ‘a e tokotaha taautaha.

    Nov 17, 2023 Infographic
  • Data for Gender Equality Zine

    The Data for Gender Equality zine is a compilation of writing and artwork exploring all things data, feminism, and gender equality. The zine explores themes such as gender climate justice, inclusive poverty measurement, data cooperatives, LGBTIQA+ rights, experiences of sexual harassment, and global progress on gender equality.

    Jul 13, 2023 Zine

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