Equality Insights Rapid: Tool Development Report

  • Published: March 9, 2022

Report cover which has icons representing the 15 dimensions Equality Insights' measures. These icons are purple, grey and orange. There is some text with information about the report.

Equality Insights Rapid is a survey and measurement tool to provide an improved evidence base for implementing COVID-19 recovery that advances gender equality. The tool has been developed for use in the COVID-19 context by providing a shorter survey that can be administered by phone, avoiding face-to-face data collection.

Equality Insights Rapid is a ‘red-flagging tool’ that identifies moderate to severe deprivation, to strengthen the evidence available to support a more inclusive response and recovery, and is an individual-level, gender-sensitive measure of multidimensional poverty.

This document provides an overview of process undertaken to develop Equality Insights Rapid, a description of the key considerations that informed the item reduction process, and the survey items that will ultimately be included in the Equality Insights Rapid survey tool.

Equality Insights Rapid: Tool Development Report


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