Understand poverty.
Inspire change. 

Equality Insights is a gender data program delivered by the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA). We use inclusive data to drive progress on gender equality and inspire transformative change.

As a gender-sensitive measurement of poverty, we have development world-leading survey tools that collect inclusive data about poverty 
and inequality, providing important insights into the experiences of individuals who are often rendered invisible in poverty data. The intersectional insights we generate inform policy solutions, fuel feminist advocacy and inspire social change.

What We Measure

icon of a shirt
icon of a book
icon of an electricity bolt
icon of a tree
icon of a pram
icon of a bowl
icon of a heart with a pulse through it
icon of two people
icon of an equal sign
icon of a toilet
icon of a house
icon of a pie chart approx. 80% coloured in
icon of a chat bubble
icon of a water drop
icon of someone holding something above their head

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Read Equality Insights Rapid Reports

Equality Insights Rapid Report, Solomon Islands Survey 2022. Features an image of Solomon Islands in orange and the Equality Insights logo down the bottom
Equality Insights Rapid Report: Solomon Islands Survey 2022
Equality Insights are proud to deliver this work in collaboration with representatives from government and civil society in Solomon Islands to ensure that the survey reached all areas of stakeholder engagement. Data was collected in every province using an innovative new phone-based survey to collect inclusive, multi-dimensional data about experiences of poverty and inequality in Solomon Islands in the wake of COVID19 disruptions.
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Equality Insights Rapid Report, Tonga Survey 2022. Features an image of Tonga in orange and the Equality Insights logo down the bottom
Equality Insights Rapid Report: Tonga Survey 2022
This report presents new information about the situation of particular groups of people in Tonga and their experiences of poverty and inequality in relation to 15 key dimensions of life, against the context of disruptions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and the events surrounding the volcanic eruption in 2022.
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A graphic that reads Equality Insights Rapid, Tool Development Report. There is a looking glass in the centre with a graphic of a person in the middle.
Equality Insights Rapid: Tool Development Report
Equality Insights Rapid is a survey and measurement tool to provide an improved evidence base for implementing COVID-19 recovery that advances gender equality. The tool has been developed for use in the COVID-19 context by providing a shorter survey that can be administered by phone, avoiding face-to-face data collection.
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