Shape the global gender equality agenda – your gender data demands

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An ambitious agenda to achieve gender equality will be set at the upcoming Generation Equality Forum in Paris next month, and prioritising gender data is key to realising transformative change. We need robust information about the lives and experiences of women and girls in their diversity to accelerate progress on gender equality and women’s empowerment. This means making better use of existing data, and investing in more, better and regular collection of gender data, so the diverse circumstances of women and girls are visible to influence and inform action.

Have your Voice Heard – Your Gender Data Demands

The Generation Equality Forum in Paris presents an opportunity to ensure gender data is a key priority of the global agenda to accelerate gender equality and informs the commitments made to realise this over the next five years and beyond.

Together with Data2X, Equal Measures 2030, and GROOTS Kenya, IWDA is calling on gender equality advocates and data advocates alike to share your gender data demands with us. We want to know why you believe gender data is important for gender equality. We will compile your gender data demands and responses into a short video that will be shared at the time of the Generation Equality Forum in Paris, 30 June-2 July.

Get Involved

Data2X, Equal Measures 2030, GROOTS Kenya, and IWDA invite you to join us and help ensure the voices of gender equality advocates and data advocates from around the world are heard by change-makers and decision-makers at the upcoming Generation Equality Forum.

To get involved, please film yourself holding a sign with your gender data message in your own language. Please keep your message short – one sentence is best. Examples might include:

  • My life counts. Make it visible in data
  • Measure what matters for gender equality
  • We want more and better gender data
  • No gender equality without gender data
  • Our lives and feminisms are intersectional: data must be too


  1. Write your message on a piece of paper.
  2. Film yourself holding your message in front of your body.
  3. Point or gesture to your sign (if you would like to!)

Please ensure you film your video in landscape mode for about 10 seconds. Your video clip will be edited into a longer video. Please also include a translation of your message (if written in a language other than English).

Please send your videos to by Monday 7th June, 2021.


By submitting your video, you give permission for Equality Insights and our partners to share your video across our websites and social media platforms.

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