Technical guide: Solomon Islands study 2020

  • Published: March 12, 2021
  • Country: Solomon Islands

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The Individual Deprivation Measure study in the Solomon Islands was implemented between January and April 2020 in order to gain insights into the economic, social, political, and environmental dimensions of the lives of the people of Central and Guadalcanal Provinces. Researchers from the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) worked with Dignity Pasifik, a women-led research company based in Honiara, to collect data on multidimensional deprivation from all adults in selected dwellings.

The combination of individual-level measurement, data about fifteen dimensions of life plus assets, including dimensions and questions that are gender-sensitive, and a sampling strategy that interviews all adults in a randomly selected household, can provide users with new policy relevant insights into factors shaping poverty and inequality. A series of composite indices, one for each dimension, are used to summarise deprivations and highlight inequalities. This document provides technical guidance to those wishing to understand the detail of the composite index construction methodology and scoring scheme used for the Solomon Islands 2020 study.

Solomon Islands Study 2020 Technical Guide


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