Snapshot report: Gender insights in the Solomon Islands

  • Published: July 29, 2020
  • Country: Solomon Islands

This report presents initial findings and insights from the Solomon Islands study, which was undertaken early in 2020 by IWDA and Dignity Pasifik during the IDM phase of the program. The report provides evidence that measuring poverty at the individual level, interviewing all adults in a sampled household, and gathering data across a broad range of economic, social and environmental factors, allows detailed analysis of the circumstances of, and risks faced by different population groups in Central and Guadalcanal Provinces.

The report includes dimension-by-dimension analyses, exploring differences by gender and location. It also explores the particular insights that the survey can offer, into intersectional inequalities, joint deprivations, differences inside households, and respondents’ views of the deprivations that matter most. A final section of the report brings together these strengths and the measure’s breadth of coverage to offer insights into food security, the gender dimensions of COVID-19 prevention and response, and women’s economic empowerment. As a snapshot report of two provinces, it points to indicative trends in deprivation at the individual level.

Note: This document was created in June 2020, during the IDM phase of the program, which was a partnership between the ANU and IWDA with strategic funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Solomon Islands study was also supported by The World Food Programme.
Snapshot report: Gender insights in the Solomon Islands


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