Gender and Poverty as a Feminist Foreign Policy Priority

  • Published: February 26, 2023

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In this Issue Paper for the Australian Feminist Foreign Policy Coalition, Equality Insights’ Jo Crawford explores the relationship between gendered poverty, data, and feminist foreign policy. She outlines the potential for individual-level, gender-sensitive measurement of poverty to drive action on gendered poverty by making visible gendered and intersectional experiences of poverty and inequality.

Jo argues that measuring poverty in this way – gender-sensitive, individual-level, and multidimension – should be a feminist foreign policy priority, before making recommendations for countries with a Feminist Foreign Policy or Feminist International Assistance Policy. This will strengthen the availability of individual-level, gender-sensitive data on multidimensional poverty and raise measurement standards to be more inclusive and complete by better capturing lived experiences.

This Issue Paper was originally published on IWDA’s website.

Issue Paper - Gender and Poverty as a Feminist Foreign Policy Priority


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