CSW66 Webinar – Accelerating women’s economic empowerment: the role of gender-sensitive poverty data

  • Published: April 1, 2022
  • Country: Solomon Islands

Equality Insights hosted a webinar for the Commission of the Status of Women(CSW66) exploring ways to accelerate women’s economic empowerment using gender-sensitive data. Economic empowerment initiatives often focus on strengthening women’s capacities and opportunities. However, many barriers women face are systemic, rooted in patriarchal norms and unseen by male decision-makers, because they don’t experience them. Progress is further hampered by lack of age and disability disaggregated data about multiple barriers to women’s economic empowerment. Individual-level, multidimensional data on poverty and inequality can help reveal these barriers.

With COVID-19 reversing gains on poverty and inequality, such data is critical to ensure gender-equal recovery. In this webinar, panelists illustrate how availability of disaggregated data enabled gender-responsive action, with a focus on action in the Pacific.


  • Joanne Crawford – Special Advisor, Equality Insights (IWDA)
  • Vaela Falefehi Ngai – Director, Women’s Development Division for the Solomon Islands Government Ministry of Women Youth Children and Family Affairs
  • Ruth Maetala – Director, Dignity Pasifik
  • Kim Robertson – Adviser, Human Rights & Social Development Division, Pacific Community (SPC)
  • Chris Ryan – Statistician, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
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Webinar Transcript


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